Tuesday Tutorial!

Tuesday Tutorial!

Is your film the right way round?

When I first became a film archivist, one of the issues that would always get me into a tizz was getting my film the right way round in order to run it on a Steenbeck. In this film, we cover some of the basic rules for making sure your film is the right way round to run correctly on your machine.

Tips: A number of things tell you when a film is at the beginning and the right way up – ‘head out’:

1) If it says ‘head’ at the beginning! (Or ‘tail’ if it’s at the finish)

2) If your film has a soundtrack, it should be at the top, and the perforations should be at the bottom.

3) The writing should read upwards with the top of the letters on your right [see picture below].

4) People, objects, vehicles etc in the frame, should have their head/top pointing the way you’re running the film, i.e the top of the frame on your right. [see picture below].

5) The emulsion side (the mat, not the glossy, looking one) should be facing you as you run the film

6) Don’t always rely on the count down leader to tell you if the film is the right way up, someone could have attached it incorrectly a long time after the actual film was even made.

If you’ve established that your film is at the beginning, but when you see it on the screen all the words are flipped horizontally the wrong way round, you need to do an ‘S’ wind to correct the problem. Follow the diagram below.